Stoopid Zombies

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About the Pack

Plug and play Zombie AI, simple logic for rapid prototypingt,

The AI are light weight and search for only the actor component, this allows for rapid prototyping of your game with out worrying about setting up complex AI in the early stages of development.

They may not run well, and not know what they're swinging at, but they are "stoopid zombies", and they love brains!

Example configuration includes Zombie's chasing humans and converting them to Zombies after death.

* 1.5 updated the AI wandering system to fix bugs where they stop moving

* new animations added

* 1.3 major movement bug fixed

AI Rotation issues fixed

* 3 different movement types


  • component based AI

  • Affordable prototyping asset pack

Number of Blueprints: 3 Zombie, 1 NPC, 8 animations

Network Replicated: YES

Supported Development Platforms: PC , Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC , Mac

Documentation: quick guide in BP Pack ,

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Important/Additional Notes:

If you like the animations please hit up currently ByteSumPi 3d animator of choice.