Stoopid Shooters

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About the Pack

Plug and play Shooter Ai, simple logic for rapid prototyping

an amazing addition to your prototyping work flow. Light weight , Simple. Allowing you to focus on the important parts of your game development.

And if you ever need a break from your hard graft, just shot them in the face in the knowledge that no cognitive AI are injured in making of your game ;)

due to the light weight nature of the AI directional awareness is not a priority and may be looking elsewhere when running.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints:

14 BP

1 AI BP Shooter (configured to 4 separate teams)

1 Components

AI Functions - Chase, Shoot,Wander

Network Replicated: Yes

Maps: 1 showcase map

Intended platform: Windows,Mac

Platforms tested: Windows

Documentation included: Additional documentation available via this YouTube playlist

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