Dismemberment and Bone Break

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Change Log

1.0.5 ( Released)

Removed all cast except from one on component - for cosmetics only on ABP on mag spawn

fixed Weapon change bug where if the change buttons were spammed not spawn weapon

Removed Much of the dependency from the character BP and moved to the Bone Component

Rifle LOD Corrected as resize tro stop the popping effect

1.0.7 ( Pending Release)

CHANGED: some character movement component settings to make movement more smooth and less snappy

REMOVED: forward walking on the 180 degrees directional axis in the BL Blend Space and replaced with backwards walk (this is to remove walking forward when we are waking backwards)

ADDED: 2 new sequences duplicated from walk and run and scaled the rate to -1 for walking backwards

EDITED: (BL) Blend Space to include new animations - still some issues with -45 degree walking, but that is unable to be patched with code or settings, we need anims for that

EDITED: Rename of ThirdPersonRun_2 to suffix _Bwd

ADDED:Macro Library Added for Integration Purposes

ADDED:Migration Macro Flow Library control added accessible by "M integration SGK" or "M intrergtarion SmartAI"

ADDED:Logic only Character created

ADDED:Custom Line trace channel has been added,
EDITED:Bone component casts from the character

EDITED:Fixed weapon shooting owner

Planned for update -

Walk animations

update to crawl movement system and Animations