Dismemberment and Bone Break

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About the Pack

Fully networked component-based bone health system, easy to customise.

Please note that this is designed as a pack to build from, and can require serious work to integrate to other systems.


  • Fully network replicated

  • Full body damage system with individual bone health

  • 16 damage states

  • Body part dismemberment

  • Bone break

  • Knockout system with replicated ragdoll (experimental)

  • Physics-based and blended animations allowing for effortless animation updates based on character's damage state

  • 300+ animations

  • Movement speed penalty system

  • 90 degree turn in place

  • Example weapon system

  • Easy to customise animations

  • Ragdoll death

  • 3D aim offsets for two-hand and one-hand animations

  • Walk, hop, crawl, one arm crawl

  • Particle spawn integrated

  • IK foot system

  • Velocity-based lean and tilt on movement

  • Male and female HUD with damage markers

  • Bone break hit reactions

  • Component-driven

  • Wandering AI for target practice

  • Particle system

  • Bone-mapping data table with dismemberment matrix easily customisable for any skeleton

  • Upper and lower body configuration based on damage state to allow for easy changing of animations

Important note

Listening server does not work in PIE and needs to be launched independently,

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 49

Number of Animation Sequences: 367

Input: Preset keys

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes


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